Red dumbbells on floor with person sitting with ankle weights on legs


Add these neoprene hand weights or some ankle weights to your workout for quicker, better results.

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New Balance Products
Whether you are a yoga practitioner, a fitness enthusiast, a biker, a hiker, or a runner, New Balance offers a broad range of products to keep your body in motion.

New Balance Yoga Products

Drive change on and off the mat with New Balance Yoga Products.

New Balance Fitness Products

Take your training to new heights with New Balance Fitness Products.

  • Stock up your home gym: Switch up your home workouts with New Balance resistance cords, perfect for curls, tricep work, and total body combinations. Boost your strength routine with hand weights made of durable cast-iron and a neoprene shell.
  • Get speedy: New Balance speed ropes will get you moving at home, at the gym, or studio. Enhance your cardio, agility, and conditioning wherever you go!
  • Don’t sweat it: Keep your sweat off with New Balance sweatbands. Thanks to their absorbent material, you’ll stay cool and dry while you work out.
  • Browse these and many more items in New Balance Fitness.
New Balance Run & Walk Products

Forge your own path, one step at a time with New Balance Run & Walk Products.

  • Move with safety: Get enhanced visibility and protection while walking, jogging, or running in low light conditions with New Balance reflective gear.
  • Protect your journey: Take steps with confidence when you are out and about! New Balance trekking poles provide stability and ease while walking, trekking or hiking.
  • Browse these and many more items in New Balance Run & Walk.

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New Balance provides a combination of safety, quality, and comfort for professional and everyday athletes, staying at the cutting edge of performance technology and style. However you want to move, New Balance will move forward with you.